I specialize in landscape and cityscape photography. What started off as a hobby as quickly turn into a service That aims to put a spotlight on Dubai. So follow me as I go on various journeys and adventures.

Come see Dubai through my eyes.


Watch as I spend a hot day in Dubai going from the Beach to the Mall and everything in between. watch more TG from Dubai Channel

I've been on a mission to find the best burger in the UAE and I think I finally found it. Check out the video to see what happens. Please hit like and subscribe for more video's. Thank you. watch more TG from Dubai Channel

Watch as we set sail to catch some major fish in Dubai, but do we catch any? Oh and who goes over board? Watch and see. watch more TG from Dubai Channel

Myself, Khalil and the gang are back at it again with our out door adventures. Watch as we explore the desert and BBQ at the park. watch more from TG from Dubai Channel